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What's KBinView

KBinView is a little tool developed with kdevelop and qt 1.44 for kde 1.x.x.
It allow you to read a strcutured binary file. This tool was inspired by a dos version
made by Franklin Van Nieuwenhove and a windows version made by my good friend Pascal (Pep) Panneels
the KBinView is developed by Philippe Van Hecke

How does it work

KBinView allow you to define the file structure and read the content of the file.
This first version still beta, but the most important functions work.
First, i would like define wich type of files kbinview can read. I make the assertion that the
file content can be splited in two part.

To read a file you first need to define the file structure.

Define the file strcuture

On this screenshot you can see main window of the application.
The main windows is splited. On this shot, you can see on the left the header
and the field list. On the right side, you can modify, add, delete new header or field descriptor.

Manage File descriptor

This part is not yet implemented but normaly you will be able to group many files description into

View a File

On the left side of the screen you can select a file and on the right side you can view
its content .

Where to get it

You can download the last verssion of KBinView at